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Friday fancies #2

Hey Guys,

This week my fashion daydreams have been revolving around this cute little cat dress from H&M

H&M cat dress

I don’t usually wear much black but I would definitely wear this. Did I mention how much I love cats? 🙂

Love from JJBloglovin / Twitter / Instagram


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Hey Guys,

The glorious weather we have been enjoying lately has got me dreaming about fun summer fashions. Here is a heatwave wishlist I have put together. Enjoy!

Heatwave1. Vintage style bikini / 2. Full bloom shorts / 3. Mermaid tee / 4. Cut out lace maxi dress / 5. Winged wedges / 6. Strawberry swimsuit

Love from JJ

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International wishlist

International shipping costs are the bane of my life! There are several international brands that I adore, Nasty Gal and Black milk being two of my favourites, I often find myself browsing their websites and drooling over their beautiful creations. A few items usually make it to my shopping cart but when it comes to check out I chicken out. I just can’t deal with the added cost of international shipping, not to mention the long wait to actually receive my goods. And so these beautiful clothes remain locked away in my imaginary dream wardrobe, Sigh.

International wishlist1. Mermaid cap sleeve bodysuit – Black Milk clothing

2. Banned book bracelet by Carolyn Forsman

3. Spellbound spike platform – Nasty Gal

4. Biggie ring – Shopjeen

5. Galaxy green suspenders – Black milk clothing

6. Platform sneaker – Nasty Gal

7. Cheshire cat dress – Black milk clothing

Love from JJ


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Need this dress

2d121ae46cf78f6cb80c14bce77c1c29Ok so I don’t really NEED it, but it is lovely. I just spotted this dress from daisy street. I’ve never shopped there before, maybe this will be my first purchase?


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Birthday wishlist

Hey Guys and Dolls,

My birthday is coming up and since I haven’t posted a wishlist in a while so I thought it may be fun to share my birthday wishlist with you.

Birthday list

1. Chain Me Free Bomber from Nasty Gal – I am so in love with this jacket! The front panels are cut out and the wonderful chain detailing gives it a fab grunge feel. Think how amazing this would look over a neon bodycon dress.

2. UK Flag Shred Top from Blue Banana – Another grunge piece, I’m really loving anything with tassels right now.

3. Eagle necklace from Kukee – This statement necklace is from my fave online jewellery store. A perfect nod to the Americana trend.

4. Meow in space tee from Batoko – This may not be to everyone’s taste but it was made for me. Galaxy print and a cat wearing a cape, what more could I ask for in a t shirt?

5. Box wristlet bag from H! by Henry Holland – Henry Holland is one of my all time fave designers and I love his H! collection for Debenhams. I’m digging the neon and snakeskin on this bag, two trends for the price of one! 🙂

6. Spaniel necklace from Veuxdoo – You may have seen me tweeting about this necklace last week. It’s so cute and kooky, gotta have it.

7. Let’s Ride Homegirl t-shirt from The Pretty Junk – It has a unicorn on it, enough said.

Love from JJ


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Want, Want, Want!


I absolutely adore this neon panel dress from Lovarni. It’s so fun and quirky. I love neons so this dress is definitely on my wishlist!

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Fashion daydreams

Hey Guys and Dolls!

So I’m still trying to save every penny I can for my trip to Africa in April, which means no shopping for me! I have to say I am finding it really hard, Boo hoo ;'( Although I’m not suppose to be buying anything new I can’t seem to be able to help myself from browsing the internet looking for fab fashion. I know I’m torturing myself but I can’t stop!

So here are my fashion daydreams; the items I am currently coveting.

Flower crowns


For me the obsession with flower crowns was started by the fabulous Lana Del Rey. I love her style, always so elegant and beautiful. I’ve spent hours searching online for a perfect flower crown, the bigger and more dramatic the better! I think I have found the perfect one 97fcc05630c219934687dc482b7cf379

This blue flower crown from Etsy is stunning. I have come close to buying it a couple of times but at £38 I must resist!

Slogan sweaters

sloganSlogans are a really fun trend this season. these are all from boohoo.com My favourite is the floral ‘Love’ sweater. So cute!

Polka dot dress 

3b30ddc1d98efa4d8135579dd22d9302How sweet is this dress? I love monochrome right now and I really like the shape of the skirt. You can get it here

Heart necklace

heartI’ve featured this necklace from Dolly Cool before but I still love it so much! I’m hoping my hints will pay off and my boyfriend will get it for me for valentines day 🙂

Perspex heels

I adore these darling heels from Stella McCartney d75c42153a6f15a7d43b245a1b0351f5

But at only £12 these mint green perspex ankle boots from New Look are definitely more suited to my budget!8accb9f53e9373f94e7cadb600a6fa12

Goodies from Kukee kukee

As you may well know I am obsessed with Kukee.co.uk every time I visit the website I fall in love with every single item. I would happily buy the whole store if I could.

Disney tights

407ade40180af7a685d5c380800f91d5These Minnie mouse tights have been popping up all over my Instagram feed. I am a massive fan of printed tights so these are very hard to resist.


9ba5ae408087eda7981bd8bc03509afaYesterday I read this fab post from Lola’s fashion and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about headpieces ever since. I haven’t discovered ‘the one’ but there are tons of them on Etsy and ASOS marketplace.


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