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Hey Guys,

How adorable is this spaniel necklace?! I have had my little eye on this cutie for a month or two and now it is finally mine! Yay 😀dog

When it comes to shopping I am not exactly what you would call spontaneous. I very rarely buy anything on impulse I usually spot something I like and then spend the next few weeks mulling it over, figuring out what I would wear it with, would I need to buy something else to go with it etc… That is exactly what happened with this necklace from Veuxdoo. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my tweet raving about it back in May. Seriously it has taken me that long to buy it! A couple of weeks ago I spotted that Vuexdoo were having a sale and decided that it was time to commit to buying it and I’m so glad I did. I also picked up this cool wolf t-shirt at the same time.

wolf teeI am super happy with both my purchases and will probably be shopping from Veuxdoo again in the future. If you haven’t already then make sure you check them out!

Love from JJ



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Birthday wishlist

Hey Guys and Dolls,

My birthday is coming up and since I haven’t posted a wishlist in a while so I thought it may be fun to share my birthday wishlist with you.

Birthday list

1. Chain Me Free Bomber from Nasty Gal – I am so in love with this jacket! The front panels are cut out and the wonderful chain detailing gives it a fab grunge feel. Think how amazing this would look over a neon bodycon dress.

2. UK Flag Shred Top from Blue Banana – Another grunge piece, I’m really loving anything with tassels right now.

3. Eagle necklace from Kukee – This statement necklace is from my fave online jewellery store. A perfect nod to the Americana trend.

4. Meow in space tee from Batoko – This may not be to everyone’s taste but it was made for me. Galaxy print and a cat wearing a cape, what more could I ask for in a t shirt?

5. Box wristlet bag from H! by Henry Holland – Henry Holland is one of my all time fave designers and I love his H! collection for Debenhams. I’m digging the neon and snakeskin on this bag, two trends for the price of one! 🙂

6. Spaniel necklace from Veuxdoo – You may have seen me tweeting about this necklace last week. It’s so cute and kooky, gotta have it.

7. Let’s Ride Homegirl t-shirt from The Pretty Junk – It has a unicorn on it, enough said.

Love from JJ


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