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Hey Guys,

How adorable is this spaniel necklace?! I have had my little eye on this cutie for a month or two and now it is finally mine! Yay 😀dog

When it comes to shopping I am not exactly what you would call spontaneous. I very rarely buy anything on impulse I usually spot something I like and then spend the next few weeks mulling it over, figuring out what I would wear it with, would I need to buy something else to go with it etc… That is exactly what happened with this necklace from Veuxdoo. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my tweet raving about it back in May. Seriously it has taken me that long to buy it! A couple of weeks ago I spotted that Vuexdoo were having a sale and decided that it was time to commit to buying it and I’m so glad I did. I also picked up this cool wolf t-shirt at the same time.

wolf teeI am super happy with both my purchases and will probably be shopping from Veuxdoo again in the future. If you haven’t already then make sure you check them out!

Love from JJ



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Blurred Lines

Hey Guys,

Ever since I first saw the video for Robin Thicke’s catchy summer tune ‘blurred lines’ I have been massively obsessing over the white platform shoes worn by one of the models. Flatform shoes

I have spent the last couple of months pining over these shoes. I am a sucker for big chunky statement shoes and these babies definitely fit that category. I have been scouring the highstreet and internet to find my own pair but for a long time to no avail. Asos and Topshop both have a wide range of ‘flatforms’ but none that really captured my heart the way the shoes in the video did. Also none of the Asos or Topshop flatforms are anyway near as high as I would have liked. I was beginning to feel quite disheartened until I discovered YRU. I am so in love with every single pair of shoes these guys make. If like me you love quirky designs that make a statement then I wholeheartedly recommend that you invest in some YRU shoes. yru collage

I instantly fell head over heels for this pair of platform hi-tops, I actually think I prefer them to the original shoes that I was trying to find. Qozmo-Hi-wht-300x246

It was quite a while before I committed to buying them, they are quite pricey. $90 on YRU’s website. But I simply couldn’t forget about them and in the end I caved and ordered them from Nasty Gal because they were $2 cheaper (every little helps!). They are also available in the UK from Karmaloop but they are way more expensive 😦

Anyway I am so happy that I did buy them and now I can’t wait until they arrive. I am hoping they live up to my expectations and are worth every penny. Keep your eyes peeled as I’m sure they will be featuring in an outfit post soon.

In the meanwhile please enjoy this chirpy pop hit that inspired my quest for the perfect flatforms. I am just going to run along to attend my local shoe addicts anonymous meeting “hello my name is JJ and I am addicted to buying shoes…”

Love from JJ

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International wishlist

International shipping costs are the bane of my life! There are several international brands that I adore, Nasty Gal and Black milk being two of my favourites, I often find myself browsing their websites and drooling over their beautiful creations. A few items usually make it to my shopping cart but when it comes to check out I chicken out. I just can’t deal with the added cost of international shipping, not to mention the long wait to actually receive my goods. And so these beautiful clothes remain locked away in my imaginary dream wardrobe, Sigh.

International wishlist1. Mermaid cap sleeve bodysuit – Black Milk clothing

2. Banned book bracelet by Carolyn Forsman

3. Spellbound spike platform – Nasty Gal

4. Biggie ring – Shopjeen

5. Galaxy green suspenders – Black milk clothing

6. Platform sneaker – Nasty Gal

7. Cheshire cat dress – Black milk clothing

Love from JJ


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Shop it like it’s hot

Hey Guys,

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend took me on a shopping spree as a birthday treat. It was a really great idea for a birthday present as it meant I got to spend the whole day with my boy as well as getting spoiled rotten. It has taken a while for me to get round to posting this because I have been crazy busy lately but now I finally get to share with you all the treats I bought that day!

Birthday presents 002 editBirthday presents 006 editDress – BS8 Bristol

I love, love, love this dress! As you all know by now I adore anything with loud, bright prints and the print on this dress is as loud as they come.

Birthday presents 017 editWedge sneakers – Republic

A pair of wedge sneakers have been on my wishlist for the last six months but I just hadn’t got round to buying a pair. I found these beauts in Republic. They had been reduced from £60 down to just £10! Steal!

Jewelery collageAccessories – Primark

Birthday presents 011 edit Birthday presents 014 editHot pants and leggings – H&M

Both these items are so bright, perfect for summer.

collageJersey and skirt – Primark// Crop top – H&M

I’ve seen lots of bloggers wearing sports jerseys as dresses lately so when I spotted this one in Primark for just £6 I thought I would give this trend a go myself. Although as yet I haven’t been able to style this dress in a way that feels right for me.

Birthday presents 018 editPurse – Clothing federation

This fab purse is handmade and quirky. I adore it!

I feel so spoiled to have gotten all these goodies, I haven’t even had the chance to wear them all yet. Keep an eye out for them in lots of outfit posts coming soon.

Love from JJ


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I’ve spent most of this afternoon planning my birthday party this weekend and that includes planning my wardrobe! Here is a sneaky peek at some of the goodies I have just purchased online.


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Saturday shopping

Wow! How is it Tuesday already? I don’t know where the time has been going lately. I meant to post this yesterday but I guess I was too busy with real life and stuff.

Anywhoo, This was my outfit from Saturday. My dad and I went shopping as he has a holiday coming up and so needed my services as a personal shopper/stylist to help him pick out a new holiday wardrobe.

Shopping editYou may recognize the top as it is actually a dress I have worn before but this time I folded it up to make a top. My bag is something I picked up at a market in Bangkok four years ago. I really love it and wear it a lot. I’m a little upset that lately it has become much less unique as every high street store is ripping off the print and calling it ‘tribal’ but never mind that’s fashion for you.

thailand bag Jades outfits 005 Jades outfits 007Dress (worn as top) and cardigan – New look

Shorts and sunglasses – Primark

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Cuff – Cherry Blossom Bay

Baby Milo necklace – Handmade

Bag – market stall in Bangkok

After shopping we stopped for a doughnut and shake in Krispy Kreme. It was so yummy!krispy kreme

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Love from JJ


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Need this dress

2d121ae46cf78f6cb80c14bce77c1c29Ok so I don’t really NEED it, but it is lovely. I just spotted this dress from daisy street. I’ve never shopped there before, maybe this will be my first purchase?


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