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An afternoon in the countryside

Dress purse and sunglasses Hey Guys,

It feels like I haven’t done an outfit post in ages. There are a couple of reasons for that, the main one being that I have had two bandaged fingers  for almost two weeks. The bandages came off yesterday and my burns are looking a lot better (although I still don’t have feeling in my fingertips!) So I celebrated by taking some photos of me wearing a pretty dress.

I really love this dress. I received it as a gift for my birthday. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to wear it.

The print is obviously very loud and busy and I don’t think that it would be to everyones taste. However, I think it’s fab and really enjoyed wearing this dress. I would really like to wear day dresses more often and have been searching for the perfect one for a while.  If you are a regular reader you probably know by now how much I adore bold prints and so I was instantly drawn to this bright dress.

The print features loads of different cartoon images mashed together into an all over collage. Some of the pics include puppies, shoes, lips and even the cookie monster! I spot something new every time I look at it. I love it when my clothes are fun and interesting.

Despite the crazyness of the dress I actually feel that it is very girly and pretty. I love the cut of the skirt. It’s not too long or short and I feel that it falls just right. The material feels divine and is really good quality for a £20 dress.

Cartoon print dress Sticker bag skirtDress – BS8 (independent store in Bristol) // Shoes – ebay // Belt and sunglasses – Primark // Bow – Head full of feathers // Bag – H&M with stickers from Accessorize 

I kept my jewellery fairly simple. There was no need for statement pieces when the dress is a statement enough.

It was a lovely day yesterday so I went to visit my dad who has been in Texas for the last few weeks. It was nice to see him and we went for a walk around some of the pretty villages near to where my dad lives. I live really close to the city centre so it was really nice to escape the city for an afternoon. Village

Aren’t country villages the cutest?

Love from JJ




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Blurred Lines

Hey Guys,

Ever since I first saw the video for Robin Thicke’s catchy summer tune ‘blurred lines’ I have been massively obsessing over the white platform shoes worn by one of the models. Flatform shoes

I have spent the last couple of months pining over these shoes. I am a sucker for big chunky statement shoes and these babies definitely fit that category. I have been scouring the highstreet and internet to find my own pair but for a long time to no avail. Asos and Topshop both have a wide range of ‘flatforms’ but none that really captured my heart the way the shoes in the video did. Also none of the Asos or Topshop flatforms are anyway near as high as I would have liked. I was beginning to feel quite disheartened until I discovered YRU. I am so in love with every single pair of shoes these guys make. If like me you love quirky designs that make a statement then I wholeheartedly recommend that you invest in some YRU shoes. yru collage

I instantly fell head over heels for this pair of platform hi-tops, I actually think I prefer them to the original shoes that I was trying to find. Qozmo-Hi-wht-300x246

It was quite a while before I committed to buying them, they are quite pricey. $90 on YRU’s website. But I simply couldn’t forget about them and in the end I caved and ordered them from Nasty Gal because they were $2 cheaper (every little helps!). They are also available in the UK from Karmaloop but they are way more expensive 😦

Anyway I am so happy that I did buy them and now I can’t wait until they arrive. I am hoping they live up to my expectations and are worth every penny. Keep your eyes peeled as I’m sure they will be featuring in an outfit post soon.

In the meanwhile please enjoy this chirpy pop hit that inspired my quest for the perfect flatforms. I am just going to run along to attend my local shoe addicts anonymous meeting “hello my name is JJ and I am addicted to buying shoes…”

Love from JJ

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International wishlist

International shipping costs are the bane of my life! There are several international brands that I adore, Nasty Gal and Black milk being two of my favourites, I often find myself browsing their websites and drooling over their beautiful creations. A few items usually make it to my shopping cart but when it comes to check out I chicken out. I just can’t deal with the added cost of international shipping, not to mention the long wait to actually receive my goods. And so these beautiful clothes remain locked away in my imaginary dream wardrobe, Sigh.

International wishlist1. Mermaid cap sleeve bodysuit – Black Milk clothing

2. Banned book bracelet by Carolyn Forsman

3. Spellbound spike platform – Nasty Gal

4. Biggie ring – Shopjeen

5. Galaxy green suspenders – Black milk clothing

6. Platform sneaker – Nasty Gal

7. Cheshire cat dress – Black milk clothing

Love from JJ


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Take me to the ball game

Ball game 003 editHey Guys,

Please ignore the bizarre white glove I am wearing in these pics. Don’t worry it’s not a random tribute to Michael Jackson. I badly burned myself a few days ago and have been going back and forth to the burns unit at my local hospital all week. Since my job involves handling chemicals the doctors think I will be more prone to infections and therefore I have to wear this rather attractive medical glove over my bandages.

It’s not been a great week for me so I was thrilled last night to find that my boyfriend and I had the house to ourselves for a night. Living in a shared house can get a bit stressful at times so I like to make the most of it when everyone else goes away for a weekend. We decided to stay in and cook together then watched DVDs all night. It was lovely to have some chill out time after the week I have had.

I wore this outfit because it was casual and comfortable. I’ve had this ‘Ohio life’ jersey for a few weeks now but I have to admit I find it really hard to style. I have been meaning to buy an American sports jersey for a few months. I’ve seen loads of bloggers wearing them as dresses and they all look fab.  I tried this shirt as a dress but it is huge! It swamps me! I wonder if I should have bought it a size smaller than my actual size? When I tried wearing it as a dress I just felt like a slob, it looked like a night shirt! So instead I have put it with some denim shorts and I am wearing it in a kind of half-tuck style. I decided to play on the American theme and wore my dollar print shorts with some horrendously cheap looking earrings I picked up in Primark especially to go with the shorts.

Ball game 001 edit Dollars Ball game 002 editJersey, headband and earrings – Primark// Shorts – New Look// Shoes – New Look (old)

I’m still not 100% comfortable wearing this jersey. I may continue to try and find a way to style it that suits me or I may have to admit that this trend just isn’t for me.

What do you think of this look? Any suggestions on how I could wear it better?

Love from JJ


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Crazy cat lady

Cat lady 016 edit Hey Guys,

My sister bought me this absolutely incredible t-shirt from Batoko and I LOVE it! I had my eye on this tee for a while. I first came across Batoko on instagram a few months ago and I fell for the brand big time. Go check out their website and you won’t be dissapointed. I have been obbsesing over every item in their online store but this shirt in particular captured my heart the moment I saw it. It has a cat on it, a cat wearing a cape, in space… need I say more?! It’s freakin’ awesome and I am ecstatic to finally get my mitts on it.

I decided to really make the most of this tee and so I teamed it with cat ears and cat shoes. Cat-tastic!

Crazy cat lady Cat lady 014 edit OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cat lady 026 edit Cat lady 030 edit

T-shirt – Batoko// Cat ear headband – Topshop// Shoes – Leg warmers – Topshop (old) // Turtle ring – eBay// Necklace – Handmade

You may have noticed I have changed my hair colour again. The mermaid hair faded out so I used special effects atomic pink to cover it up.

Also if you could like my Facebook page I would be incredibly grateful. I’m still working hard to build it up. Ta very much!

Love from JJ


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I like turtles

Turtle necklace Turtle braceletThis bracelet and necklace set was made for me by a colleague of my boyfriend. I absolutely love the set and have been wearing them both with everything. I am especially fond of the necklace. I adore the one pink turtle swimming the opposite direction to all the others, it’s such a cute twist.

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Festival fashion

Hey Guys!

This is another outfit from last week. I’m still trying to catch up with posts I missed when I was working my crazy shifts at work.

birthday party 076 edit2Festival season is here. Sadly I couldn’t get any tickets to festivals this year but that doesn’t mean I can’t join in with all the festival fashion fun.

Festival fashion is all about fun pieces that you wouldn’t usually wear everyday but worn with a laid back vibe and  loads of accessories! This year for me it’s all about neons and flowers in my hair.

birthday party 080 edit 2 birthday party 084 edit birthday party 079  edit2 birthday party 089 edit birthday party 091 edit birthday party 096 edit birthday party 069 edit

Crop top and shorts -H&M// Bag – H! by Henry Holland// Sneakers – Republic// Flower crown – Primark// Neon bracelets, necklace and large ring – Primark// Smaller rings – Kukee // Handcuff bracelet – Kukee // Turtle bracelet – Handmade// Charm bracelet –

What would you wear to a festival?

Love from JJ


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