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Mermaid hair

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I finally got sick of the natural look I have been rocking lately and have gone back to my crazy wild hair colours.

I call this style ‘Mermaid hair!’

Mermaid hair! 007 edit


I used Special effects atomic pink, Stargazer plume and Directions turquoise.

hair dye


I will write a full review of the products once they have been in for a while but my initial reaction is positive. It is hard to tell from the photos but there are different shades of blue and green within the turquoise and it changes colour depending on the light. This is a very fun look and feels a lot more ‘me’ than brown hair did.

Mermaid hair!


To achieve this style I first bleached my hair to a pale blonde colour. Since bleaching is very harsh on hair I then used a conditioning hair mask which I left in overnight. The next day I washed and dried my hair again and then applied the atomic pink dye to the bottom section of my hair. The instructions say to leave the dye in for around 15 mins but I left it for 45 mins. Whenever I wash out hair dye I use cold water as someone once told me it makes the dye last longer. I have no idea if this is true or just an old wives tale. I then dried my hair and applied the turquoise dye to all the remaining blonde hair and left this in for 45 mins also. I then added a little of the plume (which is a deep purple) to blend the two colours together. When I was finished I conditioned my hair again and added some Moroccan argan oil. The whole process took around 3 or 4 hours so you need plenty of patience if you are going to try something like this.

What do you guys think of my latest hair creation? At the moment I’m loving it, but who knows how long it will be before I get bored and change it again 

Love from JJ



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Violet dreams

Hey Guys and Dolls!

I finally got round to dyeing my hair. This time I opted for Violet by Directions, you can buy it here.

I will post a proper review of this dye once I’ve had it for a while but so far my first impressions are a little disappointing. It is hard to see in the pics but in real life I think it looks slightly washed out and not as vibrant as I was expecting. I may apply the dye again over the top to try to darken it a little.

photo 3Also I need to appologise for the quality of these photos. My camera is on loan to my sister so I had to use the camera on my Ipad.

Love from JJ

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Product review: Stargazer tropical green

Hey Guys and Dolls!

My hair colour is starting to fade out pretty badly and I have just ordered a new colour so I figured now would be a good time to post a little review.


This is the first time I have used any Stargazer product. I didn’t know what to expect as I know hair dye can always be a bit hit or miss.

Is it easy to apply?

The dye comes already made up in the bottle so there is no need to do any mixing or trying to squeeze tubes of colour into tiny bottles like you have to do with some hair dye products. So that part is nice and easy and mess free. The bottle comes with an easy applicator nozzle so I didn’t need to use a bowl and tint brush. On  the one hand that is quite handy as it saves time and mess. However, I found that using the nozzle made it harder to get an even coverage. The whole process of applying the dye to my hair didn’t actually take very long so it gets points for convenience.

Score: 4/5

Does it match the sample colour?

Yes! It is maybe a shade or two lighter but it is still a very good match. This is great as I have had so many experiences of hair dye turning out to be a completely different colour to what they promise.  Stargazer Tropical green comes out more blue than green if you ask me but its ok because that is what I was expecting. The colour is  a very vibrant blue for about a week and as it fades it gradually becomes more green.

sample and my hairI applied this colour to per-lightened hair. It will not turn out this vibrant if you apply it too dark hair.

Score: 4/5 (I am giving it a 4 just because I feel that it should be advertised as a blue dye not green. If it was called tropical blue I would give the colour 5/5)

How long does it last?

It starts out as a bright blue which lasts about a week before starting to look green but is still quite vibrant. After a week and a half it changed to a kind of pastel green with a hint of blue. I actually really like the colour it fades too, it’s kind of like getting two colours in one bottle. Stargazer tropical green fade

I would say that you get a good 3 weeks before you need to think about re-dyeing it. If you don’t like the colour it fades to and only want the vibrant colour and not the pastel then really you only have 1 and half weeks.

Score: 3/5

Is it cruelty free?

According to stargazers website they don’t test on animals but cannot guarantee that their products are vegan friendly.

Score: 4/5


The packaging is really bland if you ask me. It doesn’t stand out when compared to the crazy colour packaging. The dye does come with gloves though so that is always nice.

Score: 2/5

Value for money

I paid £5.00 and got enough dye for two applications! I was incredibly happy with this. I’ve had the colour for 5 weeks now so I would say it’s good value for money. It’s not the longest lasting dye in the world but it is cheap and I would say it is certainly worth a fiver.

Score: 5/5

My overall verdict

I would definitely purchase this product again. I really like the colour and after having bad experiences with blue and green dyes in the past I would say this is probably one of the best that I have tried. My only real issue is the boring packaging.

Overall score: 4/5

If you fancy giving this colour a go you can buy it here: Stargazer tropical green

Love from JJ

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Pastel hair


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Feeling blue

photo edit













Hey Guys and Dolls!

I dyed my hair again this weekend. This time I chose ‘Tropical green’ by Stargazer. It looks more blue than green but I have to say I’m really pleased with it.  I’ve never used stargazer before but my first impression of it is good.


I was a little worried because the bottle is teeny tiny but you only need a tiny bit of dye and it goes a really long way, in fact I think I have enough dye left to do my hair another 2 times. The dye comes in a box  with gloves (which are handy) and the bottle has an easy applicator nozzle so I didn’t have to use a bowl and tint brush which saved a lot of mess.

The colour is really bright and vivid. It’s also really close to the sample colour as you can see. sample and my hair

So I’m really happy with Stargazers tropical green. I would recommend stargazer to anyone. Oh and it’s animal friendly too 🙂

My hair has been really dry lately so I tried using argan oil that I bought in Morocco. It seems to be working quite well, my hair is a lot softer and shiny. I think I will keep using it.

Hair collage


Hope you guys all had a great weekend!


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A hair catastrophe?

Green hair

Hey guys and dolls!

My red hair was starting to fade out pretty bad so I thought it was time for a change. A drastic change! Since October my hair has been various shades of pink, orange and red so I figured it would be fun to go completely different from that. I searched the internet and found the perfect shade: emerald green by crazy color. colour

The only problem was I really don’t like crazy color. I’ve had issues with this brand of hair dye in the past. They always wash out really quickly, dry my hair out and the consistency of the dye itself is just yuck! I spent a week considering whether to buy it or not. Crazy color does have some good qualities; for example it is animal friendly unlike a lot of hair dye. In the end I went for it simply because the colour they showed was just divine! So I was brave and went for it. I knew this was a mistake as soon as the first drop touched my hair. It was a totally different shade of green than the sample colour.


The sampleemeraldgreen_t80                                  How it actually looks





I know hair dye doesn’t ever look exactly like it does on the box, but this is ridiculous! Instead of the beautiful emerald green I was promised it has turned out a bright lime green. Yuck!  I should have just trusted my instincts and stayed well away from crazy color.

But never mind, once I got over the initial shock, and my family finally stopped laughing at me, I decided that I can actually rock this colour. I will probably keep it this way for a couple of weeks. However, I have learned my lesson and I will NEVER trust this brand again.


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Festive red hair


Hey guys and dolls! ❤
The holidays are coming and I’m starting to feel more festive everyday! I had a great weekend, we bought our tree and started to decorate the house and so to really get into the Christmassy mood I’ve dyed my hair a lovely deep red. This has become a bit of a habit of mine I think I’ve had red hair over the Christmas holidays for the last three years now. It’s just such a festive colour and a great winter tone. This time I used L’oreal ‘spice power’ it’s a shade I’ve used before and just keep comeing back to. I love it!






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