Fashion daydreams

Hey Guys and Dolls!

So I’m still trying to save every penny I can for my trip to Africa in April, which means no shopping for me! I have to say I am finding it really hard, Boo hoo ;'( Although I’m not suppose to be buying anything new I can’t seem to be able to help myself from browsing the internet looking for fab fashion. I know I’m torturing myself but I can’t stop!

So here are my fashion daydreams; the items I am currently coveting.

Flower crowns


For me the obsession with flower crowns was started by the fabulous Lana Del Rey. I love her style, always so elegant and beautiful. I’ve spent hours searching online for a perfect flower crown, the bigger and more dramatic the better! I think I have found the perfect one 97fcc05630c219934687dc482b7cf379

This blue flower crown from Etsy is stunning. I have come close to buying it a couple of times but at £38 I must resist!

Slogan sweaters

sloganSlogans are a really fun trend this season. these are all from My favourite is the floral ‘Love’ sweater. So cute!

Polka dot dress 

3b30ddc1d98efa4d8135579dd22d9302How sweet is this dress? I love monochrome right now and I really like the shape of the skirt. You can get it here

Heart necklace

heartI’ve featured this necklace from Dolly Cool before but I still love it so much! I’m hoping my hints will pay off and my boyfriend will get it for me for valentines day 🙂

Perspex heels

I adore these darling heels from Stella McCartney d75c42153a6f15a7d43b245a1b0351f5

But at only £12 these mint green perspex ankle boots from New Look are definitely more suited to my budget!8accb9f53e9373f94e7cadb600a6fa12

Goodies from Kukee kukee

As you may well know I am obsessed with every time I visit the website I fall in love with every single item. I would happily buy the whole store if I could.

Disney tights

407ade40180af7a685d5c380800f91d5These Minnie mouse tights have been popping up all over my Instagram feed. I am a massive fan of printed tights so these are very hard to resist.


9ba5ae408087eda7981bd8bc03509afaYesterday I read this fab post from Lola’s fashion and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about headpieces ever since. I haven’t discovered ‘the one’ but there are tons of them on Etsy and ASOS marketplace.



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2 responses to “Fashion daydreams

  1. I love flower crowns too, Lana Del Rey is beautiful & looks amazing in everything she wears !

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