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Take me to the ball game

Ball game 003 editHey Guys,

Please ignore the bizarre white glove I am wearing in these pics. Don’t worry it’s not a random tribute to Michael Jackson. I badly burned myself a few days ago and have been going back and forth to the burns unit at my local hospital all week. Since my job involves handling chemicals the doctors think I will be more prone to infections and therefore I have to wear this rather attractive medical glove over my bandages.

It’s not been a great week for me so I was thrilled last night to find that my boyfriend and I had the house to ourselves for a night. Living in a shared house can get a bit stressful at times so I like to make the most of it when everyone else goes away for a weekend. We decided to stay in and cook together then watched DVDs all night. It was lovely to have some chill out time after the week I have had.

I wore this outfit because it was casual and comfortable. I’ve had this ‘Ohio life’ jersey for a few weeks now but I have to admit I find it really hard to style. I have been meaning to buy an American sports jersey for a few months. I’ve seen loads of bloggers wearing them as dresses and they all look fab.  I tried this shirt as a dress but it is huge! It swamps me! I wonder if I should have bought it a size smaller than my actual size? When I tried wearing it as a dress I just felt like a slob, it looked like a night shirt! So instead I have put it with some denim shorts and I am wearing it in a kind of half-tuck style. I decided to play on the American theme and wore my dollar print shorts with some horrendously cheap looking earrings I picked up in Primark especially to go with the shorts.

Ball game 001 edit Dollars Ball game 002 editJersey, headband and earrings – Primark// Shorts – New Look// Shoes – New Look (old)

I’m still not 100% comfortable wearing this jersey. I may continue to try and find a way to style it that suits me or I may have to admit that this trend just isn’t for me.

What do you think of this look? Any suggestions on how I could wear it better?

Love from JJ



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I feel like a kid again

Hey Guys,

When I was young I was obsessed with stickers. At school my books, pencil case, lunchbox, everything was covered in adorable stickers. And I don’t think I was the only one, it was definitely a craze back in the nineties.

Lately I have noticed stickers sneaking their way back into fashion. I’ve seen girls customising their phone cases and iPods with stickers and even spotted one cool chick who had covered her converse sneakers in cute puppy stickers. So I decided I would get in on the action and headed to Accessorize where they had a huge collection to choose from.

After much deliberation I eventually settled on these three packs. Look the cat stickers have googly eyes!!!


I decided to customise my monochrome bag from H&M. I’m getting bored with the whole monochrome trend so it seemed like a good idea to give this bag a cuteness makeover. Sticker bag

Ta-Dah!! What do you think of my sticker bag? I adore it, the stickers are sooo cute and now this bag is just so much fun to wear. I took it on a night out recently and all night long I had girls coming over to look at my bag.

Have you customised anything with stickers? Would you try this? I would love to see pics if you have.


Love from JJ


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A New Look?

Hey Guys and Dolls!

Last weekend was my best friends birthday. We had a lovely time and spent the whole weekend together doing fun girly stuff. We went out for dinner and then clubbing on Saturday night. This is what I wore.

Aztec print dressI think this outfit is a little different to most of the stuff I wear. I was trying to achieve a slightly more sophisticated look to go with my new ‘grown-up’ hair colour. What do you think?

I have to admit that I didn’t feel 100% comfortable wearing this as I felt like I kind of blended into the crowd, I also saw two other girls wearing the same dress 😦 

Saying that however, I do absolutely adore the dress. The colours and print are beautiful and it is so easy to style. I will definitely wear this dress again although I will probably style it differently next time.

Clares 23rd outfit 003 edit necklaceClares 23rd outfit 002 edit Aztec print

Everything in this outfit is from New Look. The whole outfit was actually a ‘welcome home’ gift from my boyfriend. Due to his short attention span when it comes to shopping everything was purchased in the same store.

And here’s a few shots of the dress in action… albeit looking a little worse for wear 🙂

Party dressLove from JJ


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Aztec necklace



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Tattoo tights


Tattoo tights with gun print. Yay or nay?


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Monochrome clutch


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January 15, 2013 · 11:47 am

H! by Henry Holland satchel

h! satchel1

I am so in love with my new satchel. It is just perfect. I tried to buy one of these bags a few months ago but they sold out so fast I couldn’t get one, I was devastated. Lucky for me though, Santa left me this beauty in my stocking 😀 It’s a beautiful florescent pink colour with a gorgeous tartan lining. I love it so much! Inside Buckles H! logo

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