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Crazy cat lady

Cat lady 016 edit Hey Guys,

My sister bought me this absolutely incredible t-shirt from Batoko and I LOVE it! I had my eye on this tee for a while. I first came across Batoko on instagram a few months ago and I fell for the brand big time. Go check out their website and you won’t be dissapointed. I have been obbsesing over every item in their online store but this shirt in particular captured my heart the moment I saw it. It has a cat on it, a cat wearing a cape, in space… need I say more?! It’s freakin’ awesome and I am ecstatic to finally get my mitts on it.

I decided to really make the most of this tee and so I teamed it with cat ears and cat shoes. Cat-tastic!

Crazy cat lady Cat lady 014 edit OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cat lady 026 edit Cat lady 030 edit

T-shirt – Batoko// Cat ear headband – Topshop// Shoes – Boohoo.com// Leg warmers – Topshop (old) // Turtle ring – eBay// Necklace – Handmade

You may have noticed I have changed my hair colour again. The mermaid hair faded out so I used special effects atomic pink to cover it up.

Also if you could like my Facebook page I would be incredibly grateful. I’m still working hard to build it up. Ta very much!

Love from JJ



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Love for the indie brands #6

Hey Guys and Dolls!

It’s time for another installment of ‘Love for the indie brands’ and this time I would like to show some love to Miss GeeKay

Miss GeeKay

Miss GeeKay is a new online jewellery store. You may already know that I am a huge fan of quirky and unique jewellery so I absolutely love Miss GeeKay. Most of their jewellery is handmade and everything is under £5!

I have fallen in love with these dictionary pieces, They come as rings bracelets and necklaces and feature a dictionary extract on vintage paper. You can chose from words such as hope, fate, love, smile, peace and karma. I think they are stunning and so unique. Oh and at only £3.50 for a necklace they are also a total bargain! Dictionary

I want them all!

Miss GeeKay is definitely worth checking out. There are tons of cute rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to chose from at some amazing prices

Here are a few of my faves

DSCF1514 DSCF1563 DSCF1572 DSCF1574 DSCF11021Bronze charm mix and match cord bracelets

Dictionary cord bracelet

Floral cross charm ring

Turquoise peace earrings

Wooden scrabble necklace

Love from JJ



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Be mine!

Hey Guys and Dolls!

I feel like I haven’t blogged at all this week! So sorry for that. I’ve had quite a tough week, I have an assignment due in soon so that has been taking up most of my time. I’m finally over the flu though so that is one good thing 🙂

I was doing a little online browsing this morning, I was suppose to be looking for sensible clothes for my African safari next month but I somehow ended up shoe shopping instead. Oops! How does that always happen? Anyway I came across these beauties and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I’m so in love with them!

azz50617_turquoise_xl 08afb6c7b4341b8853d38eee6da3de6d

Cut detail wedge £35.00 from Boohoo

The colour is fabulous and I just adore how unusual and quirky they are. Sadly they are no way suitable for my safari so I cant possibly justify buying them. Sad times. Hopefully they will still be in stock after my holiday.

Gorgeous shoes you will be mine!

Love from JJ




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Crazy earrings

Milo earrings 2

These are a pair of my fave earrings. I always get very mixed reactions when I wear them. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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More tattoo tights


My second pair of tattoo tights arrived today. They have unicorns, Cupid, stars and flowers on them. So cute and girly!


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Feeling blue

photo edit













Hey Guys and Dolls!

I dyed my hair again this weekend. This time I chose ‘Tropical green’ by Stargazer. It looks more blue than green but I have to say I’m really pleased with it.  I’ve never used stargazer before but my first impression of it is good.


I was a little worried because the bottle is teeny tiny but you only need a tiny bit of dye and it goes a really long way, in fact I think I have enough dye left to do my hair another 2 times. The dye comes in a box  with gloves (which are handy) and the bottle has an easy applicator nozzle so I didn’t have to use a bowl and tint brush which saved a lot of mess.

The colour is really bright and vivid. It’s also really close to the sample colour as you can see. sample and my hair

So I’m really happy with Stargazers tropical green. I would recommend stargazer to anyone. Oh and it’s animal friendly too 🙂

My hair has been really dry lately so I tried using argan oil that I bought in Morocco. It seems to be working quite well, my hair is a lot softer and shiny. I think I will keep using it.

Hair collage


Hope you guys all had a great weekend!


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Octopus ear cuff


I’m so into ear cuffs right now. This one is from kukee.co.uk


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