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Review: The minimum wage dress

dressHey Guys.

This is the ‘minimum wage dress’ from Shelikes.com. The dress went on sale on 20th June this year and only costs a measly £3.68, the minimum wage for under 18s in the UK. The dress is aimed at young girls who work hard for very little cash and are feeling increasing pressure to still look stylish and follow trends.

The more I have heard about this dress the more curious I have become. When the dress originally launched in June I read a few articles about it in the papers, most of which seemed to be suggesting that it was nothing more than a gimmick and questioning whether the dress was actually good value for money. I have also seen quite a few negative blog posts about the dress, again suggesting that it will probably fall apart after one wash, will look cheap etc. One blogger even claimed to be insulted by the very idea of it! However, none of these bloggers had actually bought or tried the dress before giving their opinions on it. That just didn’t seem fair to me. So I decided that I would purchase the dress and ‘roadtest’ it. I hope you enjoy my review, I have tried to answer some key questions…

How is it made?

My first thought was “where/how has the dress been made?” I had visions of some poor Indian child in sweatshop knocking up these dresses. After a small amount of research I discovered that they are actually made by Figa store, a clothing and fabric manufacturer in Leicester. I definitely favor brands who support British manufacturers and so Shelikes earns brownie points for that.

How does it look?

When I first saw the dress on the website I have to admit that I thought it looked a little cheap and nasty, as did the other bloggers I mentioned above. The main reason for this is that the model in the photo is clearly wearing a dress that is a couple of sizes too big for her. This creates the illusion of a badly fitting and therefore bad quality dress. You should not judge this dress by the picture on the website as it does not do it any justice Web picsat all.

I am not for one second suggesting that I wore the dress better than the model, I just feel that it looks so much better in real life than in the websites photos. Minimum wage dress

The dress is shaped well and I love the way it looks. It fits me perfectly and the colour is bright and fun. I should probably also mention that it comes in four different colours.

Is the material good quality?

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the material. I was expecting something flimsy that would fray and unravel as soon as I even looked at it, but I am really pleased to say that I was wrong about that. Obviously it’s not the same quality fabric as a £80 dress from Lipsy but if I compare it to some of my other bargain dresses that I have bought in the price range of £10 – £20 then the quality is just fine, if not better. It has a lycra kind of feel to it which makes it quite figure hugging but I really like that.

Can people tell it is cheap?

I posted a pic of me wearing the dress on Facebook and asked my friends to guess how much it cost. Their answers ranged from £25 – £45 with the average guess being around £30. So clearly no it does not look cheap.

Is it wearable?

Yes! I wore it out to dinner with my boyfriend. We went to a nice hotel to eat and I can honestly say I didn’t feel out of place or underdressed or even embarrassed for wearing such a cheap dress as I really don’t think it is obvious that it is a cheap dress. I actually had a few compliments on it! Avon gorge

There were no snags or frays or anything. The one thing I will say is that it is quite short and would start to ride up a little as I was walking. However, I think that can be expected from most mini dresses.

Is it washable?

I washed the dress on a standard 40 degree synthetics wash. It came out looking like thisphoto

Exactly the same! The colour didn’t fade or bleed and there was no ‘bobbling’ on the material. I was very happy with that.

My overall opinion.

Despite my initial doubts and skepticism I can honestly say that I love this dress. I genuinely enjoyed wearing it. I think it is great value for money and will definitely be wearing it again.

I hope you enjoyed my review or even found it helpful. Have any of you bought the minimum wage dress? Would you? I would love to know your thoughts.

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Shopping spree goodies and ootd

Hey Guys and Dolls!

I haven’t had much time to blog this week which makes me sad 😦 I’ve been organising a holiday for April. I’m going to South Africa for two weeks and Botswana for 4 days with a few of my friends. I can’t wait! I paid for my flights last weekend and since I’m going to be saving up my spending money from now until Easter that means I will have to seriously cut down on shopping! That made me very very sad for a while because to be honest I am a shopping addict and I’m not sure I can go that long without buying any new clothes. However, I think I may have found a solution… Ebay! I’ve been doing a lot of ebaying since the weekend. I have bought a jumper, a bag, tights and a headband all brand new with tags still on and all for £8. It was the perfect way to feed my shopping addiction and after my little bit of online retail therapy I now feel a lot better about having to save my money.

Anywhoo, My goodies arrived this morning bag edit

Internacionale quilted detail satchel. RRP £24.99 and I got it for £3 🙂 It is brand new and in perfect condition.

cat ears edit

Topshop diamante cat ear headband. I have been after one of these for ages, it’s so cute!

Tights collage

Tattoo tights with gun print. Tattoo tights are the latest fashion trend that has caught my eye. They are basically sheer tights with a print on so it kinda looks like your legs are tattooed. These are from a store in Hong Kong and only cost me £1.80. I like that they are a bit edgy. I also bought a more girly pair with unicorns and stars on but they haven’t arrived yet. They have a lot of different designs. You can take a look here.

As well as my Ebay goodies I also had another surprise delivery this morning. My lovely boyfriend bought me these stunning boots from stylist pick. I had seen them on the weekend and instantly feel in love with them. It was so sweet of my boyfriend to buy them for me. I feel like one lucky lady 🙂 Boots collage

The boots are a gorgeous plum colour with a gold detail around the heel. So pretty. I can already think of hundreds of outfits that they will go perfect with.

So here are some of my new goodies together in an outfit of the day. shopping spree 008 edit shopping spree 011 edit

Cat ears and Jumper – Ebay

Leggings – Primark

Boots Stylist pick

Ear cuff and bracelet – Kukee.co.uk

Necklace – Handmade

I made this necklace years ago from two (fake) Bape Baby Milo key chains. It’s a little silly but I think it adds a touch of fun to an outfit. I used to wear it all the time but haven’t worn it as much lately.

I was going to take some more pictures but it started snowing again so I came inside. Tried to take some pics indoors but my silly kitty wanted to play instead 🙂


So what do you guys think of my Ebay goodies? What are your tips for saving money whilst still giving in to your shopping cravings? xx


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