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July photo summary – Kittens, platforms and sister time

collage2 collage1 collage3

1. Yummy greek salad whilst on a date with my boy // 2. My new platforms // 3. Huge cocktail // 4 and 5. My cat had kittens and they are adorable! // 6. Gromit hunting in Bristol // 7. I visited the ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition at the V&A museum. I got these Aladdin Sane inspired earrings from the gift shop // 8. New blue hair // 9 and 10. Hanging out with my lil sis

One of the best parts of this month (apart from my new platforms!) has been spending more time with my sister. I have been so busy with work lately that I didn’t really have any time to spend with her, but this month I made the effort to reconnect with my lil sis and it’s been fab.

She has just started her own blog: ‘Otaku gamers unite Please pop by to have a look and say hi, it will make her day!

Love from JJ

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June photo summary – Root beer, shoes and painful fingers!

collage2 collage3collage41. Birthday cake nom nom//2. Crate of root beer imported from USA for my birthday//3. Celebrating my Bday with the BFF//4. New hair//5. Turtle necklace//6. Gifts from my dad from Texas. Root beer, banana peppers and a turtle//7. returning home from the hospital after I burned my fingers//8. New phone//9. Attempts to organise some of my shoes//10. Cute Hello Kitty phone case//11. New shoes, can’t wait ’til they arrive//12. Fridge magnet of one of my fave kids movies – The labyrinth with David Bowie


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