Indecisive in pink

Pink outfit 04Hey Guys,

This was my outfit from last Sunday. Please excuse the extreme lateness in posting it.
I was having one of those days where I felt like I had absolutely nothing to wear despite the fact that my double wardrobe is overflowing with clothes! I don’t know if it was the heat putting me in a bad mood or what but I just didn’t feel comfortable in anything. I think I changed my outfit about 10 times before I settled on this one.
It was so hot so all I wanted to wear was something cool and simple like shorts and a vest top, that shouldn’t be so difficult should it?! Well apparently it is! I don’t seem to own a vest top, how is that even possible? Surely vests are a wardrobe staple? I was also having a few body confidence issues so really wasn’t up for wearing a crop top or a dress.
In the end I opted for this pretty pink ensemble but its safe to say I was in a bit of mood after having spent an hour deciding what to wear.

pink outfit 06Top and shorts – New Look// Flower crown – Primark // Necklace – Handmade // Shoes – Ebay

Later my friend and I went to a raft race being held at a lake close to my home. It was really fun to watch and cheered me up a lot.
I think I definitely need to invest in a few more summer tops for my wardrobe.

Love from JJ


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