Take me to the ball game

Ball game 003 editHey Guys,

Please ignore the bizarre white glove I am wearing in these pics. Don’t worry it’s not a random tribute to Michael Jackson. I badly burned myself a few days ago and have been going back and forth to the burns unit at my local hospital all week. Since my job involves handling chemicals the doctors think I will be more prone to infections and therefore I have to wear this rather attractive medical glove over my bandages.

It’s not been a great week for me so I was thrilled last night to find that my boyfriend and I had the house to ourselves for a night. Living in a shared house can get a bit stressful at times so I like to make the most of it when everyone else goes away for a weekend. We decided to stay in and cook together then watched DVDs all night. It was lovely to have some chill out time after the week I have had.

I wore this outfit because it was casual and comfortable. I’ve had this ‘Ohio life’ jersey for a few weeks now but I have to admit I find it really hard to style. I have been meaning to buy an American sports jersey for a few months. I’ve seen loads of bloggers wearing them as dresses and they all look fab.  I tried this shirt as a dress but it is huge! It swamps me! I wonder if I should have bought it a size smaller than my actual size? When I tried wearing it as a dress I just felt like a slob, it looked like a night shirt! So instead I have put it with some denim shorts and I am wearing it in a kind of half-tuck style. I decided to play on the American theme and wore my dollar print shorts with some horrendously cheap looking earrings I picked up in Primark especially to go with the shorts.

Ball game 001 edit Dollars Ball game 002 editJersey, headband and earrings – Primark// Shorts – New Look// Shoes – New Look (old)

I’m still not 100% comfortable wearing this jersey. I may continue to try and find a way to style it that suits me or I may have to admit that this trend just isn’t for me.

What do you think of this look? Any suggestions on how I could wear it better?

Love from JJ



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6 responses to “Take me to the ball game

  1. Your hair is incredible! Love the title of your blog! 🙂

    Lovely outfit too. Think I spotted the top in primark earlier this week, the queue at the till putted me off making a purchase, ha!



  2. Love it! I nearly bought that top in primark! 🙂 good taste girl 😛 boyfriend told me not to though as I was already spending £60 on underwear… But underwear is a basic human right, who can put a price limit on that?? 😛
    Also, loving the pink hair! My blue/purple is fading now to a grey/silver, i like it but will be going pink soon, strange how we coincide lol I’m usually pink over the summer 🙂
    Have a good one xxx

    • Agreed, you can’t count underwear as spending or treating because it’s a necessity right? 😊

      Lol I’m exactly the same I always go towards pinks and lilacs for the summer and blues and greens for winter. Oh and always red for Christmas because you know, it’s festive 😊 xx

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