An apology and a thank you

Hey Guys,

I feel like I should apologise, I kind of disappeared from the blogosphere for a while with no word of an explanation. Sometimes real life just takes over. I’ve been really busy working 15 hour shifts and trying to get all my uni coursework finished so blogging had to take a backseat for a while.

But now I’m back! Yay! I’ve really missed blogging so now I’m super happy to actually have some time to write as well as catch up with reading all my fave blogs.

I also want to say a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who reads and follows my blog. I recently reached 500 followers, which is so incredible! Thanks so much guys! When I first started blogging back in November I was shocked that I even had one follower so it feels pretty good to have reached this point. I just hope that you all continue to enjoy reading this blog. And if you are reading this right now I am so grateful that you stopped by 🙂

One more thing… I would be super grateful if you could take a peep at my Facebook page and give it a like. I have been neglecting the Facebook page for a while but now I am trying to make the effort to post there more often and try to build it up a little. Either click the link above or the follow button on the left sidebar. Thanks!

Love from JJ




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