A fist full of dollars

Dollar shorts 006 editHey Guys.

Sometimes things can be so bad that they are actually good. That’s how I feel about these denim hotpants. Just look how trashy they are! Teeny tiny, ripped denim and covered in dollar signs, could they be any tackier?

When I saw these shorts in store I actually laughed out loud and exclaimed to my friend “They look like something Rihanna would wear!”  But as cheap and trashy as they were I just had to have them. I really can’t explain why but something about the sheer tackiness of these shorts was just irresistible to me. 

I ended up buying these shorts with the intention of wearing them when I was working in Africa (as I didn’t mind if they got ruined) then ditching them after my trip. However, much to my surprise, my friends all loved them too. It was agreed that they are ‘so bad it’s good’ and now my friends refer to them  as the ‘fist full of dollars shorts’. After my trip I just couldn’t bring myself to part with them, so here they are on the blog, officially a part of my wardrobe.

Dollar shorts 005 edit Dollar shorts 008 edit Dollar shorts 003 edit

Shorts and Top – New Look // Shoes – Boohoo.com // Necklace – Star by Julien Macdonald

This definitely isn’t my usual style but I really like this outfit. Perhaps I am wearing it somewhat ironically?

I paired my fist full of dollars shorts with this western style tee and my fab stars and stripes platforms. I kept my jewellery and accessories to an absolute minimum. After all I didn’t want to end up looking like the cast of Jersey Shore!

What do you guys think of this style? Do you have any clothes that are so bad they are good?

Love from JJ


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