Bear on Bear

Rhymesquare 007 editI have a little confession to make, I love menswear. There are tons of brilliant brands for men out there. I spend hours pouring over their web stores and Instagram accounts and often buy entire outfits for my boyfriend (whether he likes it or not!) But there are some men’s clothes that are simply too good to let the bf keep to himself, and I can’t help cheekily stealing his clothes to wear. As was the case with this fab top by UK indie brand Rhymesquare. I’ve been a fan of Rhymesquare since they started up last year and I’ve written about them before (here). I love the edgy urban vibe of this top. The design actually reminds of the artwork of Takashi Murakami, which probably wasn’t intentional by the designer but that’s just what I think of when I see this tee.

Rhymesquare 005 editRhymesquare 010 editRhymesquare 004 edit Rhymesquare 009 edit

T-shirt – Rhymesquare

Skirt – H&M

Boots – Stylist Pick

Earrings and knuckle ring – Kukee

Hand armor – Ebay

Cuff – Cherry Blossom Bay

A mini skirt and boots can be a tricky look to pull off, you always run the risk of looking a little too much like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (before the rich guy bought her a new wardrobe!) but I feel like teaming a mini skirt with a man’s top helps to toughen it up and look less trashy.

For accessories I am wearing my new angel wings cuff and I have paired it with my skeleton hand armor. I think they work well together and give off a good vs evil kinda vibe.

What do you guys think about menswear? Do you ever borrow clothes from your other half or brother? Or is that just me?

Love from JJ




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2 responses to “Bear on Bear

  1. We have the same skirt! I love this look 🙂 I can’t borrow clothes from my boyfriend because they would drown me haha! However, I did once steal his Batman t-shirt which I can sleep in!

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