A pug dressed like a hipster? Yes please!

Hey Guys and Dolls!

There was a slight hint of sunshine yesterday and so I made the most of it by wearing some new shorts that I picked up at Primark for Β£4. I call them my teapot shorts as the print reminds me of a teapot my Grandmother used to own.

Jade outfit 002Nerd pug Sports shorts

T shirt and Rabbit ear headband – New Look

Shorts – Primark

Cardigan – H&M

Stockings – Ebay

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins (old)

Necklace – customized from Heidiseeker.com

Bracelet – Topman

The shorts have a sports casual vibe about them which I don’t usually go for, I’m more of a tailored city short kind of gal, but I really like these. They are super comfy and very easy to wear and style. Despite the sunshine there was still a chill in the air so I teamed my new shorts with my over the knee stockings and a thin cardigan.

I really love this tshirt at the moment. You may have noticed I have a fondness for wearing clothes with animals on, especially ones dressed as hipsters like this adorable little pug!

The only thing I don’t like about this outfit is the shoes. I would have liked to have worn a pair of wedge sneakers to keep up the sports look, but despite the fact they have been in trend for a while I still don’t own a pair! My boyfriend rolls his eyes and moans for days every time I buy a new pair of shoes. I kind of see his point, We have three shoe racks in the hall, another in the bedroom and a cupboard which he is scared to open for fear of a shoe avalanche! However, I think this is a perfect example of how a girl can NEVER have too many shoes… Why don’t men understand these things?

Love from JJ



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9 responses to “A pug dressed like a hipster? Yes please!

  1. You are so right, a girl can never have too many shoes! I love your shorts, I remember seeing them in my local store & they look great on you. I can’t believe I didn’t buy them – silly me! x

  2. pandapinch

    Lovin’ the t-shirt, so cute! Xoxo

  3. love the t shirt, too cute

  4. Jenny


    hehe x Jenny

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