Girly nails tutorial


Hey Guys and Dolls!

It’s been a while since I posted anything nail related. I rocked these cute girly nails a week ago and I got a ton of compliments for them. So I thought I would write a tutorial and show you guys how you can rock them too.

What you will need:

A pink nail polish
A lilac nail polish
Purple glitter
4 gold nail studs
A nail pearl or diamante
A paintbrush
Some sticky tape
A small makeup sponge

collageWhat to do:

1. Cut a small piece of sticky tape and place it over half the nail on your ring finger.

2. Paint lilac polish over the non taped half of your nail.

3. Paint your little finger and index finger with lilac polish.

4. Paint your middle finger and thumb with pink polish.

5. By now your ring finger should have dried a little. Carefully peel off the tape, this will leave you with a nice straight line.

6. Paint the other half of your index nail pink.

7. At this point your nails should look like this 7

8. Take the end of your paintbrush and dip it in the pink polish.

9. Lightly press the end of the paintbrush onto your little finger nail to make polka dots. You can also use a nail dotter tool if you have one or a blunt pencil also works quite well.

10. Use the brush end of your paintbrush to apply a little nail polish to the back of each stud. Next simply place the 4 studs in a line down the middle of your ring finger and press gently so that they stick in place. This can be a little fiddly so you could get someone to help you or maybe use tweezers to apply the studs. Just be patient!

11. Your nails should now look like this9

12. Paint pink polish over the top half of the lilac on your index finger. Then use your makeup sponge to blend the two colours together. This is a little tricky and took me several attempts. Remember practice makes perfect!

13. Whilst your index nail is drying apply the pearl or diamante to your thumb in the same way you applied the studs.

14. Now your nails should look like this12

15. When your index finger is dry paint a layer of purple glitter over the tip of the nail.

16. Wipe away any mess around edges using a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Ta-dah! You now have pretty girly nails! 🙂




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