GIG Spotlight: What’s your fashion statement?


Hey Guys and Dolls!

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote an entry for GIG spotlight, well  it’s time for another one! GIG is the girls inspired group, a really fab online community for bloggers. Check out their blog here.

The lovely ladies who run the group have come up with a great idea called ‘GIG spotlight’ basically the idea is that every two weeks they will establish a topic and then everyone in the group can write a blog post on that topic. Then the most creative entry will be chosen as their featured blogger. Pretty cool right?

This time around the topic is ‘What’s your fashion statement?’. The idea of this topic is that bloggers will showcase their personal style through specific items that they consider ‘must-haves’.

I recently read a wonderful interview with Anna Wintour in which she spoke about seeing a woman on an airplane wearing a classic channel suit with pearls and pairing it with some outrageous yellow nail art. Wintour  felt that this was the true meaning of style, someone who knows the fashion rules and then breaks them. I agree with Ms Wintour 100%. For me I think that style isn’t about putting yourself into one category and sticking with it. I think real style comes from not being afraid to break the rules and mix things up a bit. For me style is about having the courage to try something new and to make mistakes. I love to make a fashion statement but I could never define that statement as just one thing. I couldn’t label myself as just preppy, chic, boho, gothic, girly etc… My fashion statement is one that is always evolving and ever changing.

I’ve put together a ‘fashion statement’ outfit with some of my current must haves.

Fashion statement

Badass accessories

I love to wear quirky and unique accessories. here are some of my faves collage

Crazy hair colour.

I think my hair is really a big part of my fashion statement. I love crazy colours! collage

Something Indie

I like to wear stuff from independent labels and designers. It’s nice to know you are wearing something that is unique, hand made and not mass produced.

Bright colours

Brights and neons make life more exciting! 🙂

Bold prints

I like big bold prints. I also like to wear more than one print together, I guess that’s an example of breaking a fashion rule.

Killer shoes

I’m only tiny so I never ever wear flat shoes. I love shoes, I have over 70 pairs. I think I’m an addict! collage shoe

So that’s my fashion statement. Hope you guys liked it! Don’t forget to check out GIG, they really are fab girls. xx



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5 responses to “GIG Spotlight: What’s your fashion statement?

  1. Oh wow JJ (just going to call you that hehe) Loving the hair colour! Wish I could do that on my hair! I just know I’d never be able to pull it off LOL. I love that mossy green one, it looks so cool and ‘bad-ass’! haha You are rockin’ your style girl! thanks for this wonderful entry!

    xx Donah
    P.S. Check out my contribution on this tag on my blog too 😉 xx

  2. Oh wow girl I love your style! All those fab accessories and the bright hair! I’m in envy of the coloured hair, I could never pull that off. 😀 xx

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