Statement shoes… The good, the bad, and the just plain weird!

Hey Guys and Dolls!

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s this: I LOVE SHOES! I really do. And I especially love to rock a good statement shoe. You know the kinda shoe that demands the attention of everyone in the room and gets compliments from total strangers. I often start with a real attention grabbing shoe and build the rest of my outfit around the shoes. However, be warned if you are going to rock a statement shoe you must remember there is a very fine line between looking like a quirky and unique fashionista and looking like an idiot in a very ugly pair of shoes. I know there are times when I haven’t quite managed to pull it off. And so to help you out, here is my round up of the best, worst and weirdest ‘statement’ shoes the internet has to offer.

The good

good collage

1. Charlotte Olympia

I adore Charlotte Olympia shoes. Most of their designs I would describe as being ‘statement’ but these are three of my favourites.

2. Alexander McQueen

Who doesn’t love Alexander McQueen??

3. Jeffery Campbell night walks

The heelless trend has been big for a while. And nobody does it better than Jeffery Campbell.

4. Dinosaur shoes

Found this on Pinterest. Not to everyone’s taste but I would totally wear these. Rawr!

5. Minna Parikka bugs pumps

As worn by Lady Gaga. The cartoons are cute and I love the bunny ears!

6. United nude Fame shoes

I fell in love with these boots by united nude, inspired by the commercial for Lady Gaga’s fame perfume. They are just too fierce!

The bad

I found all these images on Google. They are all disgusting!!

ugly collage

1. Rat shoes

Ewww! These are so gross!

2. Fish flops

Why? Just why?

3. Hooves and guns

I have no words…

4. Man feet

Because we all want hairy man feet right?

5. Puppy shoes

Designed by Cruella De Ville? Please tell me these aren’t real puppies!

6. teeth soles

These are also really gross. I don’t understand why anyone would wear these.

The weird

weird collage1. Soleless heels by Annejet Kosters

I don’t think these are ugly but I don’t really get what the point is?

2. Mojito shoes by Julian Hakes

I actually love these! I think they are beautiful. They must be difficult to walk in though I can imagine my foot just sliding right out. I think these would look great kept on display in a shoe closet.

3. Spider shoe.

I don’t know who these are by. I like spiders, my boyfriend is terrified of them though so maybe I would wear these shoes when I fancy a break from my other half! Ha!

4. Nail shoes

OUCH! These aren’t really shoes are they? It looks so painful!

5. High chair shoes

I don’t know what to think of these. Cant quite make up my mind. I don’t think they are ugly but I don’t really like them either. I do find them interesting though.

6. Wow!

I don’t know who these are by or what to call them. I would definitely give these a go, I would probably break my neck but I would try them. I think it’s a really fab design.


What do you guys think of crazy statement shoes? Do you love them like or me or are they to be avoided at all cost? Do you agree with my opinions of which shoes are good and bad? Would be interesting to hear peoples views 🙂



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2 responses to “Statement shoes… The good, the bad, and the just plain weird!

  1. ashley

    I recently discovered United Nude shoes and I am seriously in love. As we “speak”, I’m wearing a pair of six inch suede platforms with metal spikes running along the back (by JC)- yeah, I’m into statement shoes.

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