What I want in my bag for 2013


Hey Guys and Dolls!
This post is for the GIG spotlight. GIG is the girls inspired group, a really fab online community for bloggers. Check out their blog here.Β 
The lovely ladies who run the group have come up with a great idea called ‘GIG spotlight’ basically the idea is that every two weeks they will come up with a topic and then everyone in the group can write a blog post on that topic. Then the most creative entry will be chosen as their featured blogger. Pretty cool right? This weeks topic is ‘What I want in my bag – 2013!’ essentially a list of your top 5 beauty products. So this is my list, but before I get started I just want to give a massive apology for the state of the photos. I’m having some major camera issues right now, but I still get points for trying right? *bats eyelashes and hopes for sympathy* πŸ™‚
What I want in my bag 2013
spotlight edit
This is the bag I will be using to carry my beauty essentials around in. I love it so much and I’m wearing it with everything right now.
Beauty essential number 1: Bourjois volume glamour max mascara
spotlight 013
I love this mascara so much! Last year My boyfriend and I decided to be a little more careful with money and so had an overhaul of our monthly budget. We both made sacrifices and I had to give up my monthly trips to the salon to have eyelash extensions put in. I thought that I could get by with falsies but I just couldn’t get the hang of applying them, more often than not they would end up glued to my fingertips. So I switched to mascara. In the past I have always hated mascara. I hated it when it left clumps or flaked off or ran in the rain. I though mascara was just yuck! However, haveing no other choice I set about to find the perfect mascara. I think I must have tried every single mascara in boots, I just couldn’t find one I liked. They would all look amazing on the adverts, promising me extra lenght and a ‘false lash effect’ but in the end it was always the same story, crushing dissapointment. Maybe I’m just really fussy when it comes to mascara but in the end I gave up trying to find ‘The one’ and just settled for an average clumpy mascara. Then I recieved the bourjois mascara as gift when I renewed my subscription to Elle magazine. I think it spent a month in a drawer until I finally got round to trying it out. It changed my life! I love it so much! It never goes clumpy, it lasts all day and it really does look like false lashes as you can see: eyelashes
Now that I have found it I’m never looking back. That is why it is my first beauty essential to be popped into my bag.
Beauty essential number 2: Assortment of random lipsticks
I’ve always been a lipstick girl, I don’t think I have ever really been into gloss or lip tints. Recently I was on a night out with one of my girlfriends. When I whipped out my lipstick for a touch up she laughed and proclaimed that I was “Oh so retro!” Apparently according to my friend nobody uses lipstick anymore. That can’t be true can it? Nevertheless I always have about 5 lipsticks rattling around in my bag, ranging in colours from red to berry to shocking pink. One of my fave lipsticks is one I picked up in Bangkok, It looks green in the tube but when applied it is a gorgeous bright pink and it glows florescent in UV light! Ha ha! Obviously it’s not an everyday look but it’s always in my bag. You know, just in case I spontaneously get the urge to go to a rave πŸ˜‰
Beauty essential number3: Animal friendly hair dye
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spotlight 017 edit
If you read my blog often you may have noticed I have a penchant for dyeing my hair. I’ve always tried to stick to animal friendly brands but lately I have been naughty and let myself get tempted by the bright colours of those nasty brands that still insist on animal testing. My guilty conscience has been running riot and I have had one to many arguments with my cat: “OK you caught me, that is a bottle of L’Oreal in the bathroom. I’m sorry! Stop looking at me like that!” 019 editThis is very selfish of me and MUST STOP! In 2013 I will only be using animal friendly hair products.
Beauty essential number 4: Barry M nail polish
I love Barry M. It is my fave brand of nail polishes, I adore their amazing range of colours. My motto is always the brighter the better πŸ™‚ And since nail art is still a huge trend I will be using my Barry M polishes to make more fab designs like these
Beauty essential number 5: My Ipad
“Wait! That’s not a beauty essential!” I hear you cry. Oh but it is! My Ipad is my ultimate beauty essential. If I want to learn how to do a certain makeup style or how to french braid my hair I find the tutorial on Youtube. If I need some inspiration for my next hair colour I head straight to Pinterest. And if I need a product review I will read all the fabulous beauty blogs out there. I think the internet is a great tool for discovering new beauty looks or products and Hey the Ipad also doubles up as a great mirror for emergencies! πŸ™‚
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo those are the top 5 beauty essentials that will be in my bag this year. Hope you all enjoyed this post. I had great fun writing it πŸ™‚


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4 responses to “What I want in my bag for 2013

  1. Love this post, it is so fun! Oh I must try that mascara, it sounds fab! x

  2. iPad and lipstick. Totally essential!

  3. I love the bourjous mascara even though I’m not a huge fan of their other products also I’m a definite Barry M girl. I have a few of their lipsticks and I think 12 of their nail polish their dazzle pots are amazing too.

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