A hair catastrophe?

Green hair

Hey guys and dolls!

My red hair was starting to fade out pretty bad so I thought it was time for a change. A drastic change! Since October my hair has been various shades of pink, orange and red so I figured it would be fun to go completely different from that. I searched the internet and found the perfect shade: emerald green by crazy color. colour

The only problem was I really don’t like crazy color. I’ve had issues with this brand of hair dye in the past. They always wash out really quickly, dry my hair out and the consistency of the dye itself is just yuck! I spent a week considering whether to buy it or not. Crazy color does have some good qualities; for example it is animal friendly unlike a lot of hair dye. In the end I went for it simply because the colour they showed was just divine! So I was brave and went for it. I knew this was a mistake as soon as the first drop touched my hair. It was a totally different shade of green than the sample colour.


The sampleemeraldgreen_t80                                  How it actually looks mail.google.com





I know hair dye doesn’t ever look exactly like it does on the box, but this is ridiculous! Instead of the beautiful emerald green I was promised it has turned out a bright lime green. Yuck!  I should have just trusted my instincts and stayed well away from crazy color.

But never mind, once I got over the initial shock, and my family finally stopped laughing at me, I decided that I can actually rock this colour. I will probably keep it this way for a couple of weeks. However, I have learned my lesson and I will NEVER trust this brand again.



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3 responses to “A hair catastrophe?

  1. Well its….different….hehe! :))

  2. It looks kind of interesting!

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