What I wore last weekend

Hey guys! I had a busy weekend, lots of things to do, places to be etc. This is the outfit I wore Saturday night for drinks with some friends. It’s only the second time that I have worn this dress but I love it! It’s so cute. I honestly don’t know where it is from. I was walking through town one day and a store was closing down and selling everything for £5 so I nabbed this dress for a bargain, I was so excited I didn’t even look what store it was! This outfit was inspired by feathers. There’s the owl on the dress and matching owl ring. My eye makeup was kind of a peacock look which I had been thinking of trying out for a while and the shoes are my old favourites from top shop, which are also a peacock blue colour. The idea for the outfit came around when a friend commented that my nails/hair reminded them of an exotic bird so I figured I would theme the whole outfit around that. I think it can be fun sometimes to base an outfit around a theme, it’s just important to not go too far or else you will look like you’re going to a costume party!









I’m sorry some of the pics are a little fuzzy. My boyfriend is a terrible photographer!



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12 responses to “What I wore last weekend

  1. Wow, all nice but the EYES are awesome!

  2. hdoll91

    aww you look lovely hun! x

  3. Lovely, I am a big fan of high-low dresses!

  4. Your eye makeup looks so cool! 😀

  5. love the dress it looks great on you.

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