Eye tattoos… yes or no?


Hey guys! I’ve been crazy busy these last few days so no time to blog. But I will have loads of new posts for you soon I promise 🙂 Anyways, I spotted quite a few of these ‘eye tattoos’ whilst out shopping today. Basically they are stickers that you stick on your eyelids. Some of the designs were cute but really I’m not quite sure how I feel about them. I like dramatic eye makeup but maybe some of them are a little too OTT? Also I don’t know why I should shell out for eye tattoos when I think I could just do a similar design with my eyeliner pen. They seemed popular in the store though. I saw a few people buy them. So maybe its just me who doesn’t really get the point? It would be nice to hear some other peoples opinion on them.



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4 responses to “Eye tattoos… yes or no?

  1. I was worried for a minute, but then I saw that they were stick-on! I love ’em! What a perfect stocking stuffer for my 22-year-old.

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