My attempt at the pastel hair trend












The pastel hair trend has been around for a while now, I love experimenting with my hair so I thought I would give it a go. I’ve been dyeing my hair for about 6 years now usually shades of pink, red or blue but I have never had hair coloured this light so I was a bit nervous.

The insipration 











The look I chose to go for was inspired by celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Maxine Ashley. I love the lilac shade of Ellie Goulding’s hair. I think its a beautiful and unusual colour. I also love Maxine Ashley’s hair, I like the way she combines several different colours.

What I used

First I bleached my hair to a very pale blonde colour. This was so the colours would show up, because the lilac is such a pale colour I don’t think it would work on brown hair. If you are going to try this yourself I would recommend getting a hairdresser to bleach your hair for you unless you know what you are doing as it can be really tricky. I also always use an intense hair conditioning mask afterwards as bleaching can dry out your hair.

When it came to dyeing my hair I used two shades: ‘lilac’ and ‘pinkissimo’ both by crazy colour. Usually I avoid crazy colour as I think it’s a really bad brand of hair dye because the colours fade out quickly and never come out as vivid as other brands. However, the key to the pastel trend is for the colours to look pale and slightly washed out so for this crazy colour is perfect. I always mix hair dye with a tiny bit of conditioner before I apply it to my hair as I find it does less damage to my hair this way.

I wanted my hair to have different shades and tones in it rather than just blocks of colour, so to do this I first separated my hair into two sections, a top section and a bottom section. I dyed the bottom section lilac and the top section pink and then washed out the dye and dried my hair. This gave me two base colours to work with. I then took the lilac and dyed random strands throughout my hair, I did the same with the pink and then mixed the remaining dye together in a mixing bowl to create a third shade which I then applied to throughout my hair. When I washed it out the colours all mixed and the end result was that I have all these different tones in my hair so it doesn’t look ‘blocky’ or too severe.

The result

I’m really happy with the end result. Half way through dyeing my hair I started panicking thinking that I was going to hate it but I kept going and now that its finished I love it. its a really different look for me but I think its one I can get used to.



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4 responses to “My attempt at the pastel hair trend

  1. You must be so pleased! After all the failed and anemic-looking efforts I have seen at this look, yours is just SO nice!

  2. I’m considering doing my hair pale pink too! Xxx

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