I need this in my life!


I don’t usually like phone cases but these Marc by Marc Jacobs cases are just to die for! For a while now my friends have all been rocking phone cases covered in rhinestones and diamante in various colours and designs and so far I’ve been resisting this phone case trend. I guess I just find most phone case designs to look quite tacky or cheap and so I opt to keep my phone plain. That was until I came across these gorgeous creations. I don’t know what it is about them, maybe they are the perfect combination of cute and simple or maybe its just that Marc Jacobs is my ultimate style crush but whatever it is I’m hooked! I’m now officially a phone case convert. 

Phone cases £40 each from Selfridges http://www.selfridges.com/en/Bags/Categories/NEW-IN/Travel-Luggage/?fcts=Brand+Name~MARC+BY+MARC+JACOBS&ic=361763&llc=sn&mrf=Brand+Name&ppp=min



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2 responses to “I need this in my life!

  1. Oh how cute!
    I’m following your blog!

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